Test Prep

SAT (all sections)

As a perfect scorer on the SAT, I am an expert in the SAT Writing, Math, and Reading sections. I’ve coached several students to the 99th percentile, including one on the new SAT. The Writing section is the most teachable portion of the SAT –  I’ve coached several students to a perfect score in this section, and several more to scores of 700+. I help teach students important rules and generally see good results – and occasionally, dramatic score increases.  I also have specific strategies that I teach for students to maximize their essay score depending on their individual writing strengths and weaknesses. As for the Math section, I’ve gotten a perfect on it twice – once in high school on the old format test, and again as an adult on the revised SAT. And lastly, I’ve been teaching SAT reading for eight years.

ACT (all sections)

In addition to the SAT, I’m also a perfect scorer on the ACT, and am able to coach in all sections as well. As for the ACT English section, I have scored perfectly on an official administration and have also coached several students to a perfect 36. My tutoring strategy is to highlight grammar “pitfalls” and help guard against these types of inadvertent errors. I’ve also had students score perfectly on the ACT Math section. I’m currently writing a book on the ACT Math section, and have parsed through over twenty actual ACT exams to find the toughest questions, and have created drills from these which I use with students. On Reading, I’ve scored perfectly on an official administration and have coached students to perfect scores. Much of succeeding on this section is tactical approach, and I help students learn to pace themselves and learn how to approach each question in a way so that they can clearly see the right answer. For ACT Science, I’ve coached students to scores of 35-36.


SSAT: I have been teaching this test for over a decade, and have helped students gain admission to schools such as Exeter and Deerfield.

ISEE: The ISEE is a standardized test used for admission to private school, and I have helped students reach their score goals and gain admission to schools such as Marlborough and Harvard Westlake.

HSPT: With over ten years teaching standardized tests, I have helped students reach their goals and gain admission to private Catholic schools with the HSPT exam.

SCAT: I’ve coached students who successufllly entered the Johns Hopkins CTY program by taking this test.

AP / SAT Subject Tests

Language & Composition

Literature & Composition

US History

US Government & Politics


German Language

Math I & Math II C

GRE (all sections)

My greatest experience with the GRE is with teaching the Math section. Oftentimes adult students haven’t seen a right triangle in ten years, and may need a brush up on basic math skills. I use drills and worksheets to help students regain their prior proficiency in these basic skills, as well as learn a few new ones necessary for this particular test. I also have experience teaching the Verbal (as well as Writing) section, though now that the test has been revised, there are unfortunately fewer typical multiple choice tricks one can use (namely– process of elimination). However, I can guide students in general principles of reading comprehension and vocabulary to help them grapple with the test, regardless of the fact that the new format is more challenging than the prior iteration of the test. A couple of successes: I’ve had one student improve her math score by 20 points (from ~20th percentile to 89th!), and another score within a few points of perfect overall on the exam for admission to a top ten program in her field.


MCAT: CARS section

LSAT: I can teach all sections of the LSAT, except for Logic Games

College Consulting

College Planning & Essay Consulting

I’ve worked with multiple education companies over the last eleven years as a college essay and admissions consultant and lead instructor, guiding students to write essays that give them an edge in the admissions process. I’ve had a student in the mid 1500’s on her SAT who was accepted to UCLA — in part, I believe, because she wrote one of the most compelling admissions essays I’ve ever read (note students in this range or below make up less than 16% of admitted students to UCLA). I’ve also served as a Stanford admissions volunteer, working info sessions and college fairs, so I understand the process from an admissions perspective as well. I have a strong background in writing (BA in American Studies from Stanford). College Consulting services include: helping students develop a list of colleges they wish to apply to; organizing a student’s college application “to do” list -helping students tailor their application to make the best impression possible to each school; planning student application essays; discussing what makes a memorable essay and individually consulting students about what topics would best fulfill essay requirements; discussing which teachers to request recommendation letters from editing and one on one revision of student’s application essay.

School Subjects





Algebra II





American Studies

AP US History

US Government

English Language / Literature





Creative Writing

Essay Writing


Biology / Physical Science (8th grade)



*light homework help only)


German Language

Art History

Debate / Public Speaking

Social Sciences (Communication, Sociology, etc.)


Social sciences

Political science




Speed Reading

ESL Language / Pronunciation / Accent Elimination

Essay Writing