Here's What My Students Are Saying

Student, Yorba Linda, CA

“I just wanted to tell you that I got a 2370 on my SAT!! Most importantly, I got a 780 in CR, and then 790 in math and 800 in writing! Thank you so so so much for everything you’ve taught me about CR and Writing–you were an awesome teacher.” 

Student, Los Angeles, CA

“Brooke!!!! I got a 33 on my ACT!!!! I went from a 28 initially to a 33.  A full five points!  I’m so grateful for our sessions, and glad the work finally paid off.”

Student, Los Angeles, CA

“I wanted to thank you so much for your help with my college application essays this past summer. I was just admitted to Cornell School of Hotel Administration!”

Student, Glendale, CA

“Just wanted to let you know I got a 2020 on the SAT! 640 on reading, 600 on math, and 780 on writing! I have to say I am very surprised with and proud of myself, but I couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks sooo much for all the help!” (Student scored 1680 — 530 on the reading, 530 on math, and 620 on writing– on her first official SAT practice test)

Student, La Canada, CA

“You may ask, who is Brooke?  Brooke is one of the rare few who has arcane knowledge of the inner workings of the enigma that is the SAT.  Brooke is also an SAT tutor who helped me increase my reading comprehension score from the low 600s to the high 700s.  Also, she somehow makes the SAT fun.”

Student, Cypress, CA

“Brooke is by far the most dedicated, enthusiastic, and devoted teacher I have ever had!  She actually makes SAT tutor session fun and engaging.  I love her unwavering energy and vitality, which makes us students feel more alert and attentive. Brooke not only shares with her tips and secrets on improving our SAT score and how to think to pick the right answer, but she also tells us life advice and lessons she has acquired throughout years.  I look forward to attending SAT class every Sunday just because it is fun.”

Parent, Pacific Palisades, CA

“I wanted to let you know that (our son) did well on the ISEE test, and he was accepted to the school he was hoping for, Harvard-Westlake.  Thank you for all of your help!”

Student, Los Angeles, CA

“I worked with Brooke to craft my college admission essay recently. She was able to transform my relatively mundane essay into a spectacular narrative. She is full of innovative ideas and exceptional at helping students present their stories in the best way possible. Brooke was very efficient and worked very thoroughly and patiently with me to develop my essay and I’m thankful for her hard work. She’s very knowledgeable and talented at what she does. I would definitely recommend Brooke to anyone looking for an excellent spectacular tutor!”

Parent of Skype Student

“Brooke has an amazing talent and worked with our high school student via skype and the results are just amazing. She helped him with pre calculus and next she is going to help him with AP history as well as college entrance essay preparation. I don’t often say something is a sure thing but Brooke is a sure thing if you want results.”

More Success Stories

Time and time again, my SAT Writing students say how easy the Writing section has become for them after taking a course with me– I have numerous students who once scored in the high 500 range in the Writing multiple choice portion, and now score comfortably in the 700 range. I have scoured every test prep book there is, and closely analyzed numerous actual SAT tests to discover each grammar rule the test focuses on, and I know how to relay this valuable knowledge to my students. 

I once had an SSAT student who was planning to study with me for several months. She had scored in the 70-80 percentile on an unofficial practice exam before meeting with me. She met with me twice, for just four hours, and then took an actual exam– which she expected just to be a “practice” round– after all, figured she would need more tutoring before she achieved the score she wanted. But after just two sessions, she scored in the upper 90th percentile! Needless to say, she canceled her remaining sessions.