Hourly Rates


Weekday Skype (Monday-Thursday)

Weekday in office tutoring (Monday-Thursday)


Weekend Skype (Friday-Sunday)

Weekend in office tutoring (Friday-Sunday)


Within a 15 minute drive of Westwood (~3 miles)  (Rates are same as in office / online plus full rate charge for estimated transportation time– minimum $100 transportation fee).  2 hour minimum lesson required.  Subject to availability.


Within a 20-35 minute drive of Westwood (~15 miles)

If you are looking for a less expensive tutor, I also work with an associate tutor (99th percentile scores, 10 years teaching experience) who tutors SAT via Skype for $90/hour. 

Interested in a getting the personalization of private instruction at a fraction of the cost? Check out Brooke’s video based online courses The Best ACT Prep Course Ever and the Best SAT Prep Course Ever at

If you cannot afford private tutoring, we have plenty of free tutoring resources available at Supertutor TV. Our YouTube channel and website both offer high quality educational content and over ten hours of free video prep. 


24 hour cancellation & rescheduling policy (strict) from start of all lesson times.

There is a 2 hour minimum lesson for students I travel to, and typically only accept in home students January-May due to availability. For high school SAT and ACT students, I recommend 2 hour sessions, unless students want to pair tutoring with our online course(s), and then can do 1 or 1.5 hour sessions.  Many clients meet with me at my office (1314 Westwood Blvd.). In home tutoring subject to availability and within Westwood, Bel Air, south Brentwood, Sawtelle, or South Santa Monica neighborhoods only.