My name is Brooke. I’ve been tutoring and teaching for over twelve years (over 15,000 hours!). I specialize in test prep and college application essay consulting. I also teach most school subjects.

I’ve scored perfectly on the SAT, perfectly on the ACT, and on the math sections of the GRE and PSAT. Throughout the years, I’ve consistently tutored students to achieving top scores on the ISEE, SSAT, and the MCAT verbal sections. I’ve coached a student to achieving a perfect score on the ACT, and another to the 99th percentile on the New SAT. Additionally, I’ve coached clients to perfect scores on every section of the SAT and ACT. In the past year, my students have been admitted to prestigious universities such as Harvard and MIT. Let me help you or your child learn the secrets of test preparation! I’ve also recently launched my own educational media and curriculum company, SupertutorTV, which features premium, high-quality educational content for free including SAT and ACT online courses. I have authored two ACT Math prep books that are available on Amazon.

Where I Teach

I tutor the majority of my students in my Westwood Village office (1314 Westwood Blvd.), or online via Skype.

Who I Am

I am a Stanford-educated, perfect scoring SAT and ACT private tutor. I have more than 12 years of tutoring experience and am a test prep expert, as well as a college admissions consultant. I am founder of Supertutor TV — an educational media company that has a Youtube channel which boasts over 10,000,000 views.

What I Do

I primarily teach one-on-one test prep and offer expertise with undergraduate and graduate college admissions. I also teach a variety of high school subjects. Most lessons last between 1.5-2 hours. I have authored two ACT prep books and have both SAT and ACT online courses.

About Me

I’m an energetic tutor who has worked for multiple education companies throughout the Los Angeles area. I’ve taught numerous subjects to students from ages 8-48, who have attended everywhere from high schools such as LA public schools, Marlborough, Harvard Westlake, and Crossroads to universities such as USC and UCLA. I have also been a curriculum writer, writing SAT prep curriculum as well as debate curriculum, for two established tutoring companies. Currently, I’m working on a complete ACT and SAT multimedia prep curriculum. 

I graduated with honors in American Studies from Stanford University in 2002, and completed an MFA in Cinematic Arts from The University of Southern California in 2008. Though my academic background weighs heavily toward writing and verbal, I naturally excel in mathematics, and am comfortable teaching that as well. (Fun fact: I received a perfect score on the SAT, ACT, PSAT, and GRE math sections!)

Once I became the most in demand and the highest paid tutor at the several companies where I have worked as a contractor, I decided to branch off on my own!  

Ultimately, I am a seasoned professional with prep for the SAT and other standardized tests – I’ve seen how several companies teach, I’ve worked with a majority of the published prep books available, and I know what works best and how to get results. 

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